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                                   Greetings and Salutations!

Thanks for coming to check out our new website!

I hope you find the pictures and information located within both helpful and informative. 

Please take the time to peruse the site and read through the information contained.  It has been collected from a variety of website and sources into an easy to access collection of information for new puppy owners.

 If you are looking for pictures of your puppies parents, you can find them easily under the link in the navigation bar labeled after their breed.  There is also a large gallery of pics of our dogs organized by breed as well for additional pictures. 

Our website is designed as an information center on us and our dogs and their breeds.  It is not designed for us to market, advertise, or sell our pups.  If you are interested in adopting a havanese or havanese shih tzu puppy, please contact us through our email address and we can start you on the process!