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                       Health Guarantee and Terms of Sale


We do strive to make sure that every puppy that we place is healthy and will live a long happy life in their new homes.  Our breedings are carefully considered and only healthy adults with good dispositions and physiology are bred.  

Our puppies never leave without the first of their series of boosters completed and shots and deworming up to date and age appropriate to the point in which they leave our care.  The schedule is also provided to their new families so the following boosters can be given in a timely manner.  All new families also should be aware that puppies are not immune to parvovirus until the end of their booster series and pups should have limited exposure to other dogs, frequented dog areas and pups should not be exposed to other dogs fecal matter.

Vaccines are very helpful and useful but unfortunately are not 100% effective all of the time.  Sometimes not all strains can be protected against with a single vaccine.  You can still be effected with the Flu after a flu shot and puppy vaccines are not any different.  It's important to give your puppy the maximum amount of protection possible against disease as possible but they are not foolproof.Many factors from storage to timing to the puppies ability to produce immunities will all play a factor.

There are several conditions that animals will get that can be hereditary but can also be attributed to environmental factors.   Yes certain breeds are prone to hip dysplasia but an over weight dog, strenuous exercise, and early pregnancy among other issues will also cause it.  It is important to research and know what you need to provide for your puppy for optimum health.

Your dog should be continued on a high quality diet.  Their food is very important to their health.  We recommend Acana or Orijen food to be continued throughout there lives. If you are considering changes your brand of food please do a comparison and research the ingredients on Dog Food Chat or The Dog Food Project

We would love to guarantee against all forces of nature and manner of illness and promise that your puppy will be happy and healthy for as long as you both shall live.  We would love that for both you and your new puppy.  Unfortunately that can't always happen and sometimes "life" interjects.  Because of this we HIGHLY encourage that you provide your puppy with pet insurance to help in times of crisis or accident.  Some conditions and injuries can become very costly and insurance will help you bring your puppy home again.

Most behavioral concerns are learned behaviors and not a result of breeding.  We strongly encourage you attend puppy classes for socialization and at least one or two obedience and training classes.  Watch The Dog Whisperer on national geographic or on Youtube.  Learn the ways you may inadvertantly reinforcing behviors you will not find acceptable in your adult dog.

A lot of behavioral concerns can be rectified with spaying or neutering your puppy.  This is the best option for a dog kept as a pet.  It will also reduce many health issues including cancer that your dog may deal with later in life.  Please have your pet fixed by 5-7 months of age.

It is strongly encouraged that every new pet should visit the vet as soon as possible after you purchase/adopt them.  This provides you with peace of mind and will help to keep any existing pets in the home healthy.  It is important to ease your mind, as a "new mom" that the puppy is indeed healthy or if so that if anything is amiss you can bring the pup back to us. At this exam no shots should be given, just a routine exam.  We suggest that it gets done within the first 3 days so that if anything  is wrong we take the puppy back or pay the medication required.  It also allows you to treat any undiagnosed issues prior to them becoming major concerns.  Whenever possible make your vet appointment for the same day as you are looking to purchase your pet, you can always cancel it if you don't find the right puppy, but being prepared is most important.

Finding a good vet will be a challenge in itself.  Ask your friends for recommendations.  Whenever possible call and get quotes from three different vets on routine care like shots and spaying/neutering.  The closest vet to you may not be the best one.   Find a vet with reasonable costs, great service and broad knowledge base.  Don't be afraid to ask for a second opinion from another vet as they vary widely.  Remember that vets often own their own practices and unlike doctors are pretty much free to set their own prices and recommend whatever procedures they feel may help but may not be necessary. 

The puppies we raise are meant to go into their homes to be pets and companions.  They will not come with any purebred registration.  We do not know if they will be optimum breeding dogs but expect that they will be fixed.  Most of our dog have been raised here and a lot of them we own several in their line.  We are confident in there breed and that they will be good representatives of their breed.

We expect that everyone who takes one of our puppies home does it with the intent of raising a lifelong companion.  We do know that sometimes "life" happens and that can't always be the case.  We do ask that before your dog or puppy be rehomed, that we are given the first right of refusal.  We would love the puppy to come back here so that we can help find him or her a new home. We expect that this option will be the one that is taken and that none of our puppies will ever end up in a Shelter environment.  We will deal with any of these cases on a per case basis by means of renumeration for the original puppy owner.

There are issues that can be missed prior to us releasing a new puppy.  Several issues that might be of concern to a puppy may have incubation periods that show themselves after purchase or they may be in the process of developing at the time of purchase.  We do want to be made aware when these things crop up and to thank you for letting us know we are wiling to cover any medications that may be prescribed in the first week after purchase.

We recognize that some genetic issues may not present themselves right away to us or to a puppies new owner.  It is in our breeding programs best interest to know about anything that may crop up and be deemed of a genetic disturbance.   To thank you for making us aware of any such issues we provide a 5 year guarantee on our puppies against any genetic issues.  We will not ask you to relinquish your pet to redeem this guarantee but will reimburse you half of your purchase price with documentation and confirmation.

Our health guarantee and vaccination records will be given out in the following format



This puppy is sold as pet quality.  No papers or purebred registration will be forthcoming unless otherwise noted on contract. Unless registered, proof of breed is uncertain, although believed accurate.  Any traits that may develop that would make this puppy unsuitable for breeding are not covered under the terms of the agreement. The purchaser acknowledges that spaying or neutering is the healthiest alternative for their pet, it reduces many behavioral issues, makes training easier and reduces unwanted litters.

All puppies we sell are healthy and free of diseases to the best of our knowledge.  They are well cared for in a clean warm environment.  Upon purchasing a new puppy it is widely suggested that the new owners take the puppy to a veterinarian within the first 72 hours.  If the veterinarian certifies at this visit that the puppy has a condition previously missed by the breeder or breeders vet, the puppy can be within the three days in the same condition as was accepted for a replacement puppy when available.  No shots or medication should be given at this time as that can have an effect on your puppies well being.  We offer a guarantee for a week after the purchase of the puppy against certain environmental contagious diseases.  If it is reasonable to assume it originated at our kennel, we will reimburse the cost of medications prescribed to the puppy for a week after purchase to a limit of the price paid for the pup. We do not refund veterinary costs, tests or routine vet care.  We also do no cover care due to hypoglycemia.

This puppy is guaranteed for five full years from date of birth to be free of hereditary and congenital defects.   In the event that a veterinarian diagnoses the puppy covered by this agreement, acceptable to the breeder, to have a genetic negative life altering health problem affecting the pups quality of life, the breeder will reimburse half of the purchase price as they are able.  Documentation of condition and of price paid must be available. In the event of the puppies death, a replacement puppy will be offered if an autopsy is performed and the cause of death is determined by the veterinarian to be hereditary or congenital.  The breeder will not refund any veterinarian, medication or shipping costs.
No refunds will be given for the injuries or illness sustained while the puppy while the puppy was in the purchasers care.

The purchaser agrees to educate themselves on the care of small breed puppies, the common issues and health concerns and required care.  They agree to maintain any suggested preventative and routine care.  He/she agrees to provide a loving, gentle home for which a puppy can thrive.  The purchaser also agrees to provide adequate food, shelter and water for the puppy and realizes in not doing so the breeder will have the right to take back said puppy without refund or notice. The breeder expects that the puppy will never be taken to a shelter but be surrendered back to the breeder instead. The breeder strongly suggest obedience classes for puppies in order to nurture a better canine companion.

This agreement constitutes the entire meaning and understanding between both parties and is entered into with the puppies protection and well being first and foremost.  No part of this agreement is transferable.  This is not meant to substitute Pet insurance and the new owner is strongly advised to also enroll and maintain insurance for their puppy.  Any violation of the terms of this agreement, may find the purchaser liable for damages and return of the animal to the breeder.


If there is any concern with the health of your new puppy and when you take them into the vet, please be aware that you are authorizing the veterinary care and the associated costs are your responsibility.  We will replace your puppy within 3 days if there is an issue that was missed with your puppy.  We will cover medications for the puppy if there are any prescribed within the first two weeks but any veterinary procedures or work up done that is not authorized by us but is authorized by the new owners, will be the new owners responsibility.

If there is a question to the health and further treatment may be required CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY, especially if it is a situation that you think the puppy may be returned to us.  We will seek veterinary care with our regular vet so all follow up care can be provided at the same place.