Pawpawrazzi Pups

Where you can choose your family.....


   We have relocated from our beautiful home northeast of Edmonton to a more central area close to Camrose.  We are excited to update and show more info as we have time!



For now enjoy some pics of our old location to understand the lifestyle and love the dogs receive. 

 Our front yard has lots of space for the dogs to run.


 We have a beautiful picnic area to enjoy while we play with the dogs. 

Picture of our west yard and driveway below



 Several of the outbuilding which are used for storage.  This is one of our dog runs for when we are unable to be at home supervising the dogs.  They have heated/insulated dog houses in the pens and there is lots of space for the dogs to play  They are largely free range when we are home and not expecting visitors so they get plenty of attention, training and house time. 

Here is the other pen set up for when we have to be away from the property for them to still enjoy the sun and room to run and play. 


The Puppies are raised in our front entry way.  Next to our wood stove to keep them warm and a crate to start the early stages of crate training.  The couch is available for us to sit on to enjoy cuddly the pups and giving extra attention to mom.  It also allows mom to take a break from the pups on 'higher ground' when she needs some mom time.


Whenever it is nice enough, the puppies also have an outdoor pen to assist with training and to give them some time in the sun. 

 Of course, they also get plenty of time lazing around in other parts of our house as they enjoy playing with the kids and time with us. 

 The most likely place to find them is enjoying a spot in the sun or shade nearest to wherever I am working.




The also enjoy their strolls around the property, running and playing and just enjoying the freedom to be dogs! 


 We go for walks out into the back pasture everyday to visit the horses and also let the dogs experience their natural traveling instincts.


As we get more settled into our new home we will post more pictures.