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Here is an example of some of our letters back from our new puppy families.


-------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Jaye.  Just a quick note to let you know that Izabella is amazing.  She is very good at letting me know that she needs outside and she is eating great too.  She has handled this trip to Regina like a trooper.  She did not cry or whine on her first night she screamed.  It was too funny.  After an hour and a half she crashed let me know when she needed to go out twice.  Last night (night number 2)  she slept in her crate from 10:30 until 5:00am because she was so exhausted from the party out to pee and then back in bed until 8:00am.  She did not scream once last night.  I have been trying to get her worn out for tonight so she will sleep well again but I don't know.  We are off back to Kindersley tomorrow and will hopefully start some kind of a normal routine and she can settle right in.  Oh yes,  my sister has a cat that had kittens that just went to new homes so she is taking really great care of Izabella.  Really kind of funny.  Thank you so much for the fabulous gift of Izabella.  She makes my heart soar.


Hi Jaye:
We recently bought Oreo (Ziggy) from you.  Just letting you know how much we are enjoying him.  He is doing really well on the training and we are working on his biting habits.  He is so cute and loveable.   We took his cast off and he limped for a couple of days and now he is walking perfectly.  He is going to the vet next week for his 3rd set of shots - I can't find the email where you told me his date of birth (I am sure you told me).  Can you let me know as the vet will want it for their records.  Thanks again...we are loving having Oreo as part of our family...


This is Will. I purchased a Havanese Shih Tzu yesterday and I'm absolutly loving him. The family is loving him too.


Hi Jaye 

He is wonderful...growing and energetic very playful..we just love him!!


Hi Jaye,
We are having so much fun with Oreo, he has fit in well with our family.


 Hi Grant and Jaye. 

Yuki's doing great, he's very healthy.  He attended a class @ Sit Happens a month ago.  He's also neutered, Yuki has only 1 ball the vet had to locate the other one.   The condition is genetic, so we decided to just neutered him  3 weeks ago.  But he's doing very well.  He's now 13 lbs. and has his 2 nd hair cut coz it's too warm for him.

He love snow and ice.  He doesn't do his business in our yard, he prefer the park behind the house...which is good..we can have a little exercise in the morning and of course long walk int he afternoon in our area.

We took Yuki for a long hike to the mountain and he did well (with leash of course)...although we knew that he's very tired.  He's happy after, coz he got tons of treats for lunch.  He slept all the way home.

Yuki like all the dogs in our area...and he play very well with them. He's a very wonderful dog and we love him so much..he's like our little baby!!!

Here are a few mix up pix from his 1st day here, after he played on the snow ( he actually like borrowing his head in the snow...I think that's the funniest thing we'd ever seen), sleeping with a sunglasses on, playing with my son, and of course, the last 2 pix...when he's after the carrot on the snowman's face.

Take care and have great day!


Hi Jaye,
Chewie's doing great, he has warmed up to us alot, and is crazy and bouncy.  We love him.

 Hi there,


Just wanted to give you an update on Missy Moo (aka Kandee). 

She has adapted wonderfully to our home and lifestyle.  She’s a great walker and has even done some short hikes and a backcountry ski with us.  She’s good off leash and doing fine in our backyard and around the house – pooing and peeing outside is no problem – she sits by the door when it’s time to go and we have a schedule down pat.    She also sleeps through the night in her kennel and is great on her leash!  What a wonderful addition.  On Christmas she was perfectly happy to enjoy all 16 people who came for dinner but mostly curled up and slept in the corner. She is a charmer.

Thanks again for brining Missy into our lives,


Hi Jaye........we are loving Miley.....she is such a sweetie and pretty much going to the bathroom either outside or on her pee pad.  She is also adapting to being at home by herself during the day but luckily the kids are off at noon today and off tomorrow so she won't be alone....we feel so bad leaving her!!!!

Thanks for your help


Just dropping you a quick line to let you know about our puppie we got from you.  We named her Sadie and she is just perfect.  She is soo smart.  She is catching on to the house training easily, walks great on a leash, knows how to sit (but definately has not learned the 'come' command!).  We are kennel training her so she sleeps in her kennel and goes in when noone is home.  She doesn't mind it too much.  Anyways we just love her so much and thanks again.

Thanks Jaye, he is just wonderful and we are really enjoying him.   

Thanks for the info.


Thanks so much!  he is doing really great by the way,  he doesn't whine or bark when in his crate at all and he is learning small things.  he is a very smart little guy!   We have named him Mojito, meaning "little soul"    He has done really great going to the bathroom outside and he seems to prefer the girls to us, he does however follow me everywhere. 
Thanks so much we really love him,

Hi Jaye,
I just wanted to let you know that we had a pretty good night last night.  Pup slept in the room with me in the kennel - he cried for about 10 minutes but I had ear plugs in and then he slept through the night - this morning, I opened the doors and he was so bright and sunny & playful.  He is at home with David today as I had to work but I miss him terribly!  It was instant LOVE.
Thank you SO MUCH!
No name yet as we are still getting to know him.
Will keep you posted.


Hi J,
I just wanted to let you know that we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our new little puppy.   We were there on Thursday and bought a little black and white Bichon Shih Tzu girl from you.    Willow (6) and Hunter (4) named her Cutie and she certainly is.    
It seems that she is litter trained already for nighttime and when we are away from the house and she is enclosed in her pen.   We have to work on it for the rest of the time.     From the moment we brought her home she has been an enthusiastic, cuddly part of our family.  She plays so well with our kids, eats well and only seems to miss other dog companions when she is alone at night and makes quite a bit of noise.   Darcy thought we should call her Budgie as she is so vocal at night, but we all like Cutie.    :-)
Thanks again for assisting us in finding the perfect dog for our home.    We are bragging about you guys and will certainly send our friends your way if they are interested in a dog of their own!


Forgive me if that's not how your name is spelled.
We came last weekend and bought "Honey."
(I was the one who said I'm really not a dog person.)
She has really made me see I just hadn't found a dog I coud fall in love with.
She was really quiet the first day, and now she is acting like a regular puppy...chewing toes and wrestling.
We are so pleased that she is paper-trained and RaRELY barks, (that is such a plus).
She is so affectionate that I feel myself changing ; enjoying my days more.
Thank you for the detailed "instructions" which have already proved invaluable.
Thanks again!


Hi Jaye
Thought you would like to know that Oscar is doing great,  He is in puppies school and a leader in his class, Ha puppies .  We are enjoying him so much.  He is such a sweetheart.    See for your self.
PS   Could you put me on your mailing list for new puppies in the future ?


Dear Grant and Jaye:

Thank you sooo much for making our lives 100% complete now with our newest family member "Buddy". We could tell from day 1 when we got him from you guys, that he was so well behaved already at only 7 weeks, and potty trained! WOW that was a shocking surprise. His personality is definitly one of a kind, and he is so cuddly, playful,  and affectionate. :) We could not have asked for a better pup.
Thank You
SIncerly Mel, and A.J.


Please keep them coming!!  If you have bought a pup from us and love him, LET US KNOW!